Thursday, 1 May 2014

Marks and Spencer Cod & Pancetta Fishcakes with spicy tomato salsa Review

These interesting take on fishcakes caught my eye simply because of the odd combination of flavours. I don't particularly like bacon but pancetta can be nice if it is subtle and doesn't overpower a dish. Reading the heavenly sounding description only made this product more tempting: 'cod and pancetta fishcakes made with Maris Piper potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes and rocket'.

I couldn't imagine what they would taste like but with so much going on, they certainly didn't sound like a standard fishcake. Opening the packet revealed a little sachet of spicy salsa and two very large and generous fishcakes flecked with all manner of colours from the added ingredients.

They only took 22mins to cook in the oven and came out a lovely golden colour that still showcased the hidden depth of added extras. A little sploge of the cheery, vibrant salsa on top and they looked like something you would happily pay for in a restaurant.

Cutting into them, I really noticed how different they were. With no breadcrumbs on the outside, they formed a nice crust of their own but had a lovely soft texture on the inside that was soft and melting and tender. These were not bulked out with cheap filler, the cakes were oozing with flakes of white cod.

The flavour combination really worked. They didn't have a pancetta taste and were not salty but it definitely added something as the fishcake had an extra depth and savouriness to it. The tomatoes meanwhile added sweetness and the rocket just uplifted the whole thing with freshness. The salsa on top worked perfectly providing a cooling, tangy coating to the warm, fishy pattie that perfectly complemented the flavours as well.

Price: £4.50
Available: Marks and Spencer

Pros: Substantial and filling yet light and not stodgy. Interesting and fresh flavour combination. Great quality and generosity with ingredients.
Cons: Pretty pricey just for two

Score: 7/10

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