Saturday, 3 May 2014

Marks & Spencer Carolina BBQ Glazed Pulled Pork

As I mentioned in a review of the Marks and Spencer oatcakes with sunflower, pumpkin and linseed I tried recently, M&S has launched loads of new exciting products for the summer under a healthy eating and a 'summer of flavour' banner.

This BBQ pulled pork sits under the 'summer of flavour' section in the deli with all manner of other delicious sounding meats like a BBQ shredded beef and an apple smoked beef. They were on a 3 for £6 deal and considering each pack has two portions in it, I felt this was pretty reasonable. These are a quick, easy and convenient way to make a tasty lunch as you can eat them hot or cold. I can imagine lots of uses for them, whether simply sprinkled over a salad, added to fajitas or mixed in with rice to pep up your meal.

Pulled pork sandwiches seem to be all the rage at the moment so I decided to make a sandwich with mine - although I admit I really did make some fusion food as I stuffed mine into an Italian ciabatta, which is probably not the most authentic companion for something from the US south.

I also decided to heat mine in the microwave to really bring out the flavour and smell. It took a mere minute and an aromatic, sticky meaty smell made me all the more ravenous.

The meat is in tender, flaky strips that isn't greasy or fatty at all, yet remains utterly tender and soft. The sticky, sweet marinade ran into the soft, warm, crispy ciabatta I had grilled, staining it slightly with its spicy glaze.

The combination of crunchy, floury outer and warm, melting inner worked perfectly. I don't care if the combination was traditional or not- these two foods were made for each other.

The pulled pork had a lovely, intense meaty flavour, which was perfectly balanced by the barbecue glaze. It had a very faint heat, which added warmth and a sweetness that wasn't sickly or rich. The spicing and sweetness were perfectly in balance for a really tangy flavour sensation that was utter bliss with every mouthful.

These packs could be used in all manner of ways and I definitely look forward to trying more in the range.

Price: Bought as part of a 3 for £6 deal
Available: Marks and Spencer

Pros: Different to your usual salad/ sandwich meats. Full of flavour. Great quality meat. Delicious sticky sweetness. Versatile.
Cons: Probably not a very cost effective way of buying meat

Score: 8/10

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