Saturday, 17 May 2014

Solero Mojito Flavour

On what's been the hottest day of the year so far, today's review was going to have to be on ice cream. Browsing the ice cream aisle offered loads of choice and there were plenty of new things that caught my eye but ultimately I was won over by the cool, tropical packaging and interesting flavour of these Soleros.

Solero is a brand I haven't bought for years. There's nothing wrong with it but I've always thought it to be a bit dull and old fashioned, albeit a refreshing treat, so it's great to see the brand doing something a bit innovative and modern and injecting a bit of life into it.

Th packaging makes you feel quenched and refreshed just looking at it and brings a little of the tropics and holidays home. As a big rum lover, its great to see it in something it hasn't been used in before, although it is only 0.5% rum so don't expect to get drunk on it!

Opening the pack revealed a cool, pale, icy looking colour that looked very refreshing. The lolly consists of a lime and lemon ice flavoured with rum and mint and has a zesty lemon and lime pulp core. It's all the components of my favourite cocktail but in a summer treat.

From the very first lick, I felt immediately more chilled. The ice was so cooling in the heat ad the zingy citrus fruits made this feel like a nice light treat that freshens you up rather than weighs you down. The one thing that really stood out for me was just how much this tasted like a mojito.

Though the rum is very faint, the zesty lemon and lime and the sharp cooling mint come through really strongly to deliver a delicious sweet, cooling punch that really replicates the flavour of the cocktail authentically.

I also absolutely loved the crisp green core. It has a really interesting texture. I'd like to say gritty but that makes it sound bad when it's not. It's fresh and packed full of flavour with a more crystallized, rough texture that provides an interesting contrast to the smooth, minty ice.

I really didn't expect these to be as good as they were and Solero have done a fantastic job in making something that packs lots of flavour. It's not watery and weak like other ice lollies and captures the refreshing hit of a mojito. They're also only 55 calories as well so very much a not too guilty treat.

Price: £2.49 for 3 (bought on a £1.49 promo at Morrison's)
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Refreshing and cooling, authentic Mojito taste, good portion size, interesting core, a light eat.
Cons: Pricier than other ice lollies

Score: 8/10

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