Sunday, 18 May 2014

Twinings Mango & Strawberry

With the hot weather, regular tea just doesn't cut it - it feels too hot, too dark and too heavy. So a fruit tea from Twinings seemed a more refreshing and lighter drink especially in this strawberry and mango flavour. There are lots of warming fruit teas for winter with spices and cinnamon but this seems more appropriate for summer.

Like all Twinings fruit teas, this has a simple list of natural ingredients and the bags are an intriguing dark red with various bits of fruit clearly visible. As a fruit tea, it's also caffeine free, which is good for these hot days when you want to stay hydrated.

This tea was really fruity with a strong strawberry sweetness that wasn't synthetic and a mellow mango background that made this lovely and thirst quenching. This would also be great to have cold as well if you let it cool and refrigerated it. The flavour comes through well in this and isn't as weak or bland as some berry fruit teas I've tried so could hold it's own as a cool drink too.

Price: £1.40 (bought on a £1 promo at Morrison's)
Available: All major supermarkets

Pros: Sweet, refreshing, healthy and an interesting flavour for a fruit tea
Cons: Mango could come through more strongly.

Score: 7/10

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