Monday, 25 July 2016

Rachel's Organic Coconut Divine Rice Review

It’s another coconut based review today with a coconut rice pudding from Rachel’s’ organic. I’ve had a proper coconut rice pudding before with the Tesco dairy free one but this is a coconut twist on the more traditional milky rice pudding. I’ve always enjoyed the Rachel’s Organic rice puddings before and enjoy them as a fairly wholesome treat. This is again all natural ingredients made to a traditional recipe using milk, rice and cream and like the regular rice pudding it uses whole milk and cream for a more luxurious mouth feel.

The only twist on this one is the inclusion of organic coconut milk (helped along with a little natural flavouring) for a tropical and more modern take on what is a proper old school British dessert. For something a bit on trend, it’s a shame Rachel’s haven’t really done anything with the packaging. Bar the word ‘coconut’ on the outer sleeve, there is nothing to distinguish this from the regular rice pudding. 

And this isn’t even applied to the individual pots, which are exactly the same as the regular pots.
However, it’s taste that counts and unusually for me I decided to have it warm (I usually eat my rice pudding fridge cold). Lifting off the lid, you instantly get a nice sweet coconut aroma that is fairly strong whilst not overpowering and this intensified slightly after microwaving. I gave it a little stir and the texture is similar to the normal rice pudding from Rachel’s – fairly milky and smooth but not quite as thick as I like it.

It’s a very milky, soothing eat indeed and retains all the nursery charms of the regular rice pudding even with the coconut infusion. I have to admit whilst I enjoyed the proper dairy free coconut rice pudding from Tesco, rice pudding needs milk for that creamy, comforting texture.

As said, it’s maybe a little too runny with Ambrosia being my preferred thickness but the coconut comes through well rather than being too subtle or underpowering as I feared. The 150g pot is the right serving size as it is slightly too sweet and was potentially getting a bit sickly towards the end but as the pot is quite small, it didn’t really matter.

It’s not altogether a hugely exciting dessert but makes a fairly simple, not too unhealthy treat. Regular rice pudding is probably still king but it’s worth a try maybe.

Price: £1.30
Bought at: Tesco
Nutrition per 100g:  145 calories, 5.9g fat, 3.8g sat fat, 10.9 sugars, 0.3g salt

Score: 7/10

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