Monday, 12 May 2014

Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Conserve

Bonne Maman is a regular staple in my house and it is pretty much the only brand of jam I am loyal to. Whenever I open a pot of these fruity, flavourful conserves, I am whisked away to France and the memory of lazy continental breakfasts.

Usually I opt for the delectable raspberry or strwberry as these are so perfect, it seems silly to deviate. But as Bonne Maman have increased their presence in the UK, it is becoming easier and easier to get hold of some of the more interesting flavours they make and when I saw this wild blueberry conserve, it wasn't hard to get me to ditch my usual choice.

I absolutely adore blueberries so had high hopes for this product. The packaging is the same as all the other Bonne Maman jams - cute, rustic with a homepsun charm. Just seeing this little jar on the breakfast table instantly cheers me up and transports me to a sunnier, more relaxed way of life. For me this, these little jars are as iconic as the Heinz Ketchup bottle or the Cadbury purple colour.

And speaking of dark purple colours, this has a very seductive and inviting appearance. There were absolutely loads of mini little berries swirled through out the deep depths of purple. The smell from the jar was also incredibly inviting - it smelt sweet and fruity and the 50g of blueberries per 100g was evident.

One thing I love about Bonne Maman is the texture - it's not a solidified mass of jelly like British jams but is much more liquid and oozes seductively out of the jar. Spreading this onto a M&S Berry Bagel made the bagel even more luxurious. Bonne Maman jam spreads so easily and drips luciously over the edges creating a lovely sticky, indulgent mess.

Biting through bagel, my mouth was filled with the most glorious fruity explosion. It's hard to convey just how fruity this conserve is -it's not sickly sweet and the fruit completely holds it's own. Every bite of the bagel was jam packed with flavour from the conserve and as I licked the last sticky juices from my fingers, I knew this is a flavour I'll be buying again

Price: £2.69
Available: All major supermarkets

Pros: Super fruity, great texture, simple, natural ingredients (Blueberries, Suagr and citric acid - nothing else)
Cons: Like all jams it's pretty high in sugar

Score: 8/10


  1. Such a lovely review to read. I feel the same way about Bonne Maman from the cutesy jars to the delicious jam. It's great that there are more flavours available in the UK. The blueberry is a favourite in our house too, I used to love it on Sainsbury's blueberry bagels (sadly they don't seem to make those anymore). I'll look out for the M&S Berry Bagels!

  2. Thank you so much! I agree blueberry bagels really are the best kind - I used to buy the Sainsbury's one as well until they stopped offering them