Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Marks and Spencer Garam Masala Spiced Nut Mix

I am always on the lookout for healthier snacks and particularly enjoy finding new treats that are still nutritious to review. When I spotted these garam masala spiced nuts in M&S, I was intrigued by something I hadn't ever seen before. Nuts, nutritious as they are, tend to be pretty plain and not exciting.

This mix is again part of the summer of flavour range and promises an interesting blend of sesame seed coated cashews, spiced peanuts, roasted chickpeas and dried coconut slices. Just looking at the mix through the bright, funky bag reveals a mish mash of shapes and colours.

A lovely aromatic scent arose from the bag upon opening and pouring some out revealed the quality of ingredients. You recognise the components and the nuts, seeds and chickens provide a real energy and nutrient boost.

But these are tasty as well as healthy. The mix is covered in all manner of spices from cumin and lemongrass to kaffir lime leaves and coriander. Of course there's also some chilli present but these aren't in the least bit hot - just huge hitting flavour with lots of crunch. These are as addictive as crisps and I would happily get these out for social occasions.

The sesame seed cashews are the highight of the mix. Slicked in the sweet flavour with lots of crunch, although they do have a tendency to stick together. However, all the elements are extremely moreish and the coconut adds fragrance too. It's a totally addictive bag and has made me eager to seek out more of these nut and seed mixtures that have added flavours.

Price: £2
Available: Marks and Spencer

Pros: Unusual, exciting flavour, nutritious, reasonably well priced. Something new
Cons: Would be nice if the bag was resealable

Score: 7/10

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