Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mini High Bake Water Biscuits by Sainsbury's

It sounds a bit strange to get so excited and be so positive abut product that is actually so plain but I really rated these new mini water biscuits from Sainsbury's.

Essentially, they are literally nothing more than six bags of very plain crackers but everything about the execution of these delivers and exceeds what other crackers are doing.

Firstly, I like through fact they're six individually wrapped bags rather than one big bag. Usually, I open crackers and don't get through them that quickly so they start to go off. These individual bags mean I can just open each bag as and when I need it, so there is no waste and I don't feel pressurised to eat more than I want. These mini bags also means they're easy to transport so really convenient for taking out and about. The bags are well protected with air and none of the crackers were broken in any way in the bag I ate.

Opening my bag, I was really surprised by how many crackers it contained. Often with mini or portion controlled packs, you only get six or seven little bites but there were plenty of crackers in these. I suppose they are very flat but even so it's still a very generous portion and makes for a very satisfying snack.

These are also perfect for a light snack as, even with all those biscuits, the bag is only 81 calories. The ingredients list is very simple: flour, oil and very little sugar and salt - so as snacking goes these are pretty healthy.

Yes, they're pretty plain but I still found them an enjoyable eat. The biscuits are firm, crisp, with a nice snap and crunch. I didn't find them dry either and they would also be great for dunking into houmous or dips as well. They're well seasoned and very moreish. With such a low calorie content, these make a great alternative to crisps. You get the crunch, the bag and a savoury hit and with no guilt.

Granted, these aren't the most exciting thing ever and I would never call them a treat but they'll definitely be something I buy regularly as they make a simple, healthy snack and are great value in relation to other healthier snacks.

Price: £1.20
Available: Sainsbury's

Pros: Simple, natural and wholesome. Fills a savoury snack craving. Satisfying. Portion control and great for on the go.
Cons: I suppose they're not full of flavour compared to other snacks

Score: 8/10


  1. These really appeal to me too. I like the individual portions and natural ingredients. Great find!

    1. I was really happy with these. They're pretty versatile and they make a great light snack