Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Vita Coco Lemonade

I've recently started drinking more and more coconut water, using it as a post-exercise drink. I find it very refreshing and a bit more substantial than water due to the potassium and minerals it contains. Vita coco is a brand I really like. I love the cool, funky packaging with its bright, loud colours and tropical theme.

However, coconut water is not for everyone and some people find the taste quite offputting and strange. This Lemonade flavoured coconut water might be something that appeals to those who think they dislike coconut water. Like all Vita Coco bottles, this has a really modern design that leapt off the shelf and really stood out.

Pouring it out into  a glass, it had a really inviting golden glow - it didn't look watery or weak but really fruity and refreshing. A lovely lemony scent could very easily be smelt and it did smell quite similar to the still lemonades you can buy from the juice aisles in the supermarkets.

Gulping the liquid down, I felt instantly more energised and hydrated. The lemon flavour is quite dominant masking the usual coconut water flavour you get. However, the coconut flavour is still present with the aftertaste for a nice little hit of tropical flavour too. If you think you don't like coconut water, you might well like this as it offers all the health benefits but with a less powerful taste.

The water was very drinkable indeed and I really enjoyed its sweet, zingy taste.

Price: £1.69 for 330ml
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Refreshing, full of minerals and vitamins, lovely flavour, not as strong as standard Vita Coco
Cons: Only available in small 330ml bottles - a larger bottle would be ideal

Score: 8/10

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