Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sainsbury's My Goodness! Greek Style Yogurt on Strawberry Compote

Sainsbury's earlier this year released a range of new healthy ready meals called My Goodness but this is the first time I've ever seen the brand used on something else. This yogurt caught my eye for a number of reasons. Firstly, it promised an usual flavour, described as "velvety Madagascan vanilla yogurt layered onto strawberry compote with a hint of rose". Secondly, it's a really generous large 240g pot positioned as a yogurt for breakfast and thirdly for its health credentials.

As part of the My Goodness range, this yogurt contains one of your five a day with a whopping 36% of the product coming from strawberries. It's also actually a very low sugar yogurt. It's only sweetened with agave syrup and sweetner rather than sugar so only contains 6.1g sugar per 100g or 14.6g for the whole pot. Most yogurt contain 14g+ per 100g so this is a much better choice if you're looking for more natural products.

The pot looked really inviting and despite getting shaken around quite considerably on the journey home kept its distinctive and attractive layers with a smooth creamy Greek yogurt top and rich red compote underneath.

Opening it up, the Madagascan vanilla scent delicately arose and you can see lovely little specks of it flecked throughiut the pure white yogurt. The yogurt was luxuriously thick and by itself had a deliciously creamy taste that melted in the mouth. The use of real vanilla was obvious in the taste: the yogurt was not in the least bit sickly or artificial.

The compote underneath was also very simple and natural. Mostly made up of strawberries, it had a nice thick and almost jelly like cosistency with lots of lovely chunks. The strawberry compote was sumptuously tangy and the rose flavouring was very subtle. Whilst I was intrigued by the rose element, I didn't want something that tasted floral or like Turkish delight and this added extra has been handled very well.

The rose flavouring is so subtle that you can't detect it as such but you're aware that it is there as there is a slight richness and sourness behind the strawberry's sweetness but it is very, very understated indeed.

I was really impressed by this pot. I had it only with some blueberries for breakfast and that was substantial enough and the entire pot was only 132 calories. Considering most low calorie yogurt are very small and unfilling, this really hit the spot due to the thickness of the Greek yoghurt. Whilst I wouldn't buy this regularly at full price, at the £1 promo price I paid I was more than happy. A natural, tasty, filling breakfast with good health credentials - it's hard to argue with that.

Price: £1 promo price (otherwise £1.69)
Available: Sainsburys Local

Pros: Unusual and interesting flavour combo. Filling. Lower sugar than other yogurt. Very generous serving size. A whole portion of strawberries in each pot
Cons: Expensive to have every day

Score: 8/10

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