Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marks and Spencer Cinnamon, Plum and Apple Cereal Bars

M&S is always a good choice when I want to try and find some healthier snacks and these cereal bars are part of the Eat Well range. The first thing that really stood out to me with these is that they are lower in sugar than other cereal bars. Per 100g it's less than 20g - considering most cereal bars are over a third sugar, this is pretty good and equates to just under 8g per bar.

Furthermore, this cereal bar is made up of lots of natural ingredients and is packed full of good foods for lots of added benefits. Oats unsurprisingly make up the bulk but then it is also jam packed with brazil nuts, sultanas and plums plus has lots of other whole grains in it like spelt and linseed for further fibre.

This gives it a really interesting texture - it's chewy yet also quite nutty and a little but crunchy due to the inclusion of some cornflakes in it as well. There are so many different components in it that each mouthful feels completely different and keeps you interested. Just looking at it you can see they've been generous with the ingredients with the large whole brazil nuts being a particular highlight.

The little bit of cinnamon in it adds a very subtle background warmth. It's not a cinnmon tasitng snack as such but after each swallow you get a nice little hint of the spice. I also really liked the fact they're quite big and substantial as I hate 'light' cereal bars that are all air and leave me feeling unsatisified.

In many ways they remind me of Eat Natural bars but a version that is maybe slighly less sticky and a bit more crunchy with a more unusual flavour and a bit less sugar. They are pretty pricey at £2 for 3 bars but they are, as mentioned, decent sized portion and a bit different to what else is out there.