Friday, 2 May 2014

Ben and Jerry‘s Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt: Vanilla Honey Caramel

I've been dying to try out the new range of frozen yoghurt from Ben and Jerry's for a while now and with warmer weather approaching I finally got round to buying some. I plumped for the vanilla honey caramel variety as this seemed the most unusual and different.

Opening up the tub revealed a lovely creamy, golden colour with sweet caramel swirled through. For something made with yoghurt rather than cream, this still had a meltingly creamy mouthfeel that was cool and blanketed the tongue. And that's probably because this is still an indulgent product rather than a healthy alternative to ice cream having looked at the nutritional info on the back. It is lower in fat but still quite high in calories and sugar.

I felt this had quite a mild taste. The vanilla was subtle but not as interesting as some of the premium Madagascan ice creams on the market. The honey added sweetness that wasn't overpowering but didn't come through as strongly as I would have liked either. The caramel was buttery and delicious however but then again there are also probably better caramel ice creams out there like the Carte D'or Salted Caramel.

Overall, this was a nice alternative to ice cream if you want something lower in fat and it was fairly refreshing. However, I probably wouldn't buy it again as none of the flavours came through particularly strongly and it was pretty underwhelming. I would still try the raspberry and chocolate chunk and strawberry shortcake versions though.

Price: £5.49
Available: All major supermarkets

Pros: Lower in fat, refreshing, not overly sweet, creamy texture despite being lower in fat
Cons: Expensive, flavour not strong enough for my tastes, not as healthy as you might think

Score: 6/10

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