Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tesco Crispy Nutty Seedy Bites Review

Just a very quick review on these nutty, seedy bites a friend gave to me as I often look for snacks that are a little bit healthier. These bites are basically a mix of nutritionally healthy sounding sunflower seeds, currants, peanuts, oats and sesame seeds bound with sugar, syrup and honey.

They reminded be very strongly of sesame snaps but with a thicker, more crunchy and satisfying texture due to the added nuts and currants, of which there were plenty. Tesco were certainly very generous with the inclusions and no two bites were the same. I also loved their mini, bitesize nature, making them ideal for both sharing and grazing on at work.

Yes, they contain sugar and syrup - but less so than cakes, sweets or chocolate and the fruit and nuts means you are getting some goodness the same time, as well as making them more filling.

And for a healthier snack, they taste fantastic. The honey add sweetness to the nuttiness and they were incredibly moreish. So much so, I demolished the bag in a single sitting!

Price: £1.49
Available: Tesco

Pros: Healthier, generous with ingredients, great taste, different to anything else I've seen.
Cons: Bag isn't resealable and too easy to eat them all. Portion control packs would be good.

Score: 8/10


  1. Oooh these are delish and very addictive! Are you on Twitter?

    1. A little too addictive! It's hard to stop once you've opened the packet. Not on Twitter just yet but looking to change this in the future