Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Marks & Spencer Honey Roast Salmon and Roasted Red Peppers

Yes, another M&S review! But I will try and make this the last one for a while now as I realise it's probably been a bit of an overkill. It is easy to do however as there's so many exciting new things I've found there recently that have come out for summer.

Summer is, of course, synonymous with salad and M&S are currently doing a £6 meal deal where you get a bag of salad leaves, some protein (fish, meat or cheese), a dressing and a 'topper' (olives, peppers etc). Whilst I think that individually these products are pretty pricey and still a fairly expensive way of making a salad even in the meal deal, I was lured by the promise of the honey smoked salmon.

Salad can be incredibly boring but just a few choice ingredients can really liven it up and make a real appetising eat. Just by selecting the salmon along with a little pot of sweet roasted peppers, I knew this would be something a bit special for lunch.

Sprinkling my toppings over my salad, I just couldn't help but be amazing at how colourful, vibrant and enticing the toppings made it. I would happily pay for something like this in a restaurant and the treasure trove of textures, flavours and colours whisked me away to a continental meal on a beach somewhere.

The peppers were almost juicy -that's how soft they were. They had a really bright, healthy colour and a squidgy but not oily texture that had a real depth of flavour. It never ceases to amaze me how much flavour peppers receive when they're roasted. These had a lovely caramelised sweetness that really brought out their intensity.

The salmon, meanwhile, was flaky, meaty and substantial. The honey was very subtle so it wasn't sweet and it wasn't high in sugar. Yet  the honey still gave it an interesting edge, that complemented the strong salmon flavour perfectly. Not only did were absolutely deliciously to eat with an explosion of flavours, they're also healthy as well, allowing you to enjoy a lunch that still feels like a treat. Because of the small packs, I would also imagine they would be great for people wanting to pack a picnic or for taking out and about with you.

Whilst I do feel the price doesn't really justify buying these, I am happy to have tried both products and it certainly imparted some sunshine into my lunch.

Price: Part of a £6 meal deal
Available: Marks and Spencers

Pros: Serves 2 without any waste. Healthy and fresh. Good to take for picnics. Interesting way to liven up a salad.
Cons: Pretty expensive

Score: 7/10.

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