Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Haagen Dazs Secret Sensations - Tiramisu

When I buy ice cream, I usually buy Ben and Jerry's as I love the wacky exciting flavour combos. I've always appreciated the quality of Haagen Dazs but usually don't find the choices as exciting. However, this has all changed with this delectable tiramisu ice cream. As a huge coffee fan, I knew this would be an ice cream for me!

As part of the secret senstions range, this has melting hearts of sauce throughout - in this case pockets of coffee sauce. You're supposed to leave the tub out for 15 mins before serving, allowing it to become seductively runny.

Opening up the tub revealed a lovely pale ice cream, studded with little sponge pieces to mimic the ladyfingers in a real tiramisu and dark pockets of the coffee sauce hearts. A lovely real coffee smell was apparent upon removing the lid. Like other Haagen Dazs ice cream, the quality of ingredients shines through  with real coffee extract giving the ice cream its authentic smell.

Apologies for all further photos as I did get into a bit of a mess serving this as the pockets of sauce really can only be described as melting! Upon my first taste of the ice cream, I knew I had found a new firm favourite. The main coffee ice cream is deliciously smooth. The use of real cream, whole milk and mascarpone cheese give it the richest, creamiest mouthfeel, which slowly melts and blankets your tongue with it's silky softness. The coffee flavour isn't weak at all, being noticeable and full of flavour.

The soft sponge pieces bring extra texture and interest to each mouthful. Soft and sweet, they do a great job of replicating the coffee soaked ladyfingers of a real tiramisu. I love the variety these bring to the ice cream, bringing a tasty cake like quality that makes this into even more of a real dessert.

But the star of the show has to be the secret sensations of sauce. I'm not sure how they achieve but, after leaving for fifteen minutes, the hearts of coffee sauce are not in the least bit frozen but lusciously runny and sticky. The sauce is amazingly thick and decadent and whilst it might make for a messy experience, it is totally worth it.

It oozes and melts all over the ice cream, almost like pouring on a rich fondue sauce that never solidifies. There is plenty of it as well, coating the coffee ice cream with even more coffee flavour. The whole thing is perfectly indulgent and is a pretty good replica of tiramisu in ice cream form. If you like coffee ice cream, you will have to try this.

Price: £4.99 (bought on promotion for £2.49)
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Sweet, sticky and indulgent. Delicious pockets of melting sauce. Generous with sponge pieces for interesting and varied texture. Premium ingredients. Strong, authentic coffee flavour
Cons: A bit messy to serve and even messier to eat

Score: 8/10

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