Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tyrell's Smashingly Cinnamony Apple Crisps

Tyrell's is one of the crisp brands I actually really quite like but very rarely buy. They use simple, natural ingredients and have the best crunch and texture but I just don't find the flavours interesting enough to buy usually. I happily eat them when offered, enjoy them and say I'll buy some but then rarely do. However, when I spotted these apple crisps, they seemed unusual enough to grab my attention.

Like all Tyrell's products, they look premium with a high quality bag with charming, quirky messages on pack. I love the brand's ethos with the alternative five a day of:

  • A mug of hot chocolate
  • A sing-a-long in the car
  • A stroll through a farmer's market
  • A brand spanking new notebook
  • A whole bag of apple crisps
I like brands that don't take themselves too seriously and are fun. These are, like other Tyrell's products, pretty simple: just dried apple with some oil, sugar, cinnamon and flavoring. With this essentially being just apples, it's always great to find treats that also give you a bit of goodness as well.

Pouring these into a bowl, you get a pretty decent sized portion and it's nice to see the bag protects the crisps quite well so they're not all crushed. Initially, I was little disappointed that the cinnamon smell was quite faint as these are described as having "a light dusting of this thoroughly cockle-warming spice" giving the crisps "a rather jolly, apple pie-ish quality".

However, this could be because these apple slices are a more natural product and don't rely on synthetic smells to make them more appealing. And whilst the aroma might be a bit underwhelming, the taste most certainly isn't. I would rather have a stronger taste over smell any day.

Tyrell's weren't lying when they say these are like apple pie, although I would say they taste exactly like a really good apple crumble. They're utterly delicious, fairly sweet without being overly sugary and with a heavenly spicy cinnamon flavour.

The cinnamon isn't too strong or overpowering but really emphasises the natural sweetness of apple, whilst adding even more flavour. If you like cinnamon, you will love these. As I said, these taste exactly like an apple crumble but these are obviously a lot healthier. The taste is so similar, I could even imagine dipping these in custard!

I would definitely buy these again, although I think sadly they're not that easy to get hold of. I bought these in a farm shop of all places and haven't seen them in any major supermarkets. It would be great if these were more readily available.

Price: 97p
Available: Bought in a local farm shop

Pros: Natural and simple. The closest you can get to apple crumble without actually eating one. Well seasoned and spiced
Cons: Slightly expensive. Not easy to get hold of.

Score: 8/10

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