Thursday, 19 May 2016

Rebel Kitchen Organic Coffee Coconut Yogurt Review

After enjoying Tesco's own label coconut rice puddings, I decided to this coffee coconut yoghurt from Rebel Kitchen a go. It was a riduculously expensive purchase from Ocado (£2.49 for a single 125g pot) but I'm a sucker for something new and whilst there are more and more coconut yoghurts on the market, I've never seen a coffee one before.

Opening up my tiny little pot, I did get a rich sense of both coconut and coffee. It's actually a much thinner texture than I was expecting and fairly runny. Slightly thicker than maybe a dairy yogurt but definitely not a Greek style one and it almost reminded me of a runny caramel.

It had a smooth texture and although not particularly rich, it is extremely rich. And I mean rich. It tasted pretty indulgent and was very enjoyable but would definitely be on the sickly side if you ate too much. Even though it's a small pot, I couldn't finish a whole pot but luckily for a single serve product it comes with a lid so I was able to save the other half for another day.

The ingredients list is very clean and all organic - Raw Coconut Meat (57%)*, Water, Coconut Cream*, Coconut Blossom Nectar*, Coffee*, Live Vegan Yogurt Cultures

It's also pretty low in sugars at 7.1g per 100g although very high in saturated fat like a lot of coconut products at 7.4g per 100g. Again I'll say despite all the hype around coconut fat being good fat, the fact remains saturated fat isn't good for heart health if you're exceeding your daily limits. However, I have seen many coconut yogurts that are 20g per 100g so this is pretty good.

Really it's more a dessert proposition than a yoghurt. It actually tastes pretty sweet with a nice distinct but definitely not overpowering coffee taste. I think because of the richness and fat content, it tastes maybe sweeter than it is so as said it can get a bit sickly. However, half a pot was just right and made a lovely evening dessert. It's a bit too expensive and bit too fatty for an everyday dairy free yogurt so I'd probably stick to soya ones for day to day and then have these as a kind of dessert.

Price: £2.49
Bought at: Ocado
Nutrition per 100g: 118 calories, 8.4g fat, 7.4g sat, 7.1g sugars, 0.1g salt


  1. This sounds just up my street! Can't wait to see it in shops.

    CoYo are doing a salted caramel coconut yogurt soon too, that's another one I'm excited for.

    1. I think you'd love this! Especially as you love coconut so much -it's not as claggy as other coconut yogurt I've tried and it''s nice to have a more unusual flavour

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