Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Arla Protein Warm Ginger Snack Pot Review

After really enjoying the Arla Mellow Vanilla Proteinsnackpot, I decided to give the ginger one a whirl as well since I adore anything gingery, have enjoyed every Arla Protein pot product I’ve tried and was looking for a high protein snack option.

I won’t run through in as much detail about the product this time – in a nutshell it’s 20g protein, just over 200 calories, filling , pretty low in sugars and I like the natural ingredients list. This time around I wasn’t surprised by the thinner consistency vs the standard Arla Pots as I already knew this was a blend of quark and yogurt, which allowed me to concentrate on the flavour.

Just like the vanilla one I can’t just how tasty the yogurt is by itself without any sugar. It’s sweetened with grape juice but the overall taste you get is just a really mellow but warming ginger. It’s just so fragrant and smooth without being overpowering and delicious to eat on its own. For someone who find so many yogurts nowadays too sweet, this is perfect and there’s no artificial sweetners in it either.

The topping for the version contains pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, dried apple and dried carrot pieces. The carrot pieces sound off but don’t really add any vegetable flavour as they’re sweetened with apple. To be honest you can’t really taste them once mixed in bar getting a little bit of sweetness which works perfectly well with the ginger. I guess ginger in things like carrot cake work pretty well and that’s just as much the case here. 

The cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds add texture but are so finely ground you don’t need to chew them allowing you to really enjoy the thick, smooth creamy yogurt with all its fresh ginger.
I think this maybe has the edge over the vanilla one for me but I’m pretty converted to both of them – I just wish they were a little cheaper!

Price: £1.00 for 4 for £3 Asda
Bought at: Asda
Nutrition per pot: 224 calories, 8.6g fat, 1.8g sat fat, 13.8 sugars, 20g protein

Score: 9/10

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