Thursday, 2 June 2016

Boots Gluten Free Chicken Salad Sandwich

 I’ve always maintained that Boots does the best meal deals out of the mainstream shops. Typically you’re forced to have a sandwich, crisps or chocolate or a sugary or artificial drink. Boots offers a much wider range, allowing you to have yogurts, cereal bars, birch water, Graze boxes, veg crisps….it’s just so much better. And as well as healthy salad options I found their first gluten free offering – a chicken salad roll.

It looked fairly appetizing although the filling did look a little stingy as it was dwarfed by the roll – but on the positive side you could see actual chunks of chicken in there. It is well packaged with a cardboard tray to minimize travel damage or being squashed.

Opening it up, the roll felt soft and no different to your standard roll and actually the flavour of the roll is quite nice. Definitely one for those that prefer brown rolls and bread as it’s quite dense with a slight nuttiness. There are also lots of seeds in there for added texture. However, it is really quite dry. This wouldn’t be a problem in itself if there was more filling but overall it just felt like a dry eat.

The chicken I had was tender and soft and the mayo was lemony and light but there just wasn’t enough of it to lubricate a quite starchy roll. I’m not sure whether the gluten free roll or the filling was to blame but overall it was quite tiring to eat.

Having said that I really did like the flavour of the roll and nutritionally it’s really quite good for a shop bought sandwich with less than 1g salt. I actually overall enjoyed and would buy it again as it was rasty enough and healthy. It would be just nice to have a bit more flavour or mayo to make it a bit easier to eat. One to have with a glass of water
Price: £3.00
Bought at: Boots
Nutrition per roll: 312 calories, 15g fat, 1.7g sat fat, 1.8g sugar, 0.8 salt

Score: 7/10


  1. I might have to seek this one out...its mighty hard to find gluten free sarnies. Mind you, sounds like it suffers the same issue as most gluten free stuff in being dry to eat. I dont think Ive had a gluten free bread that isnt dry.

    1. It's great for coeliacs who must be so limited when they're out and about. To be honest I quite liked the dryness of the roll in a weird way - I quite like eating plain things on their own like bread or rice - it just needed a bit more filling really. I think eating a normal roll with no filling would probably be the same