Sunday, 12 June 2016

Co-Op Butternut Squash Noodles Review

So big is the trend now for spiralised vegetables and vegetable rices that even little Co-Op stores want in on the action with butternut noodles. There's not really a huge amount to say about these - it's literally just a packet of butternut squash that has been shredded into ribbons and nothing else. Sure it's an expensive way of buying butternut at £1 for 250g when you could get an entire squash for that price but frankly I hate cutting up butternut squash with their hard skins, stringy pulp and the seeds flying everywhere. I'm lazy and I admit so was quite happy to buy these to have an easy ready done butternut squash.

The 'noodles' were very attractive and unlike other supermarket ones I've tried looked fresh, colourful and vibrant rather than wet and limp. I have to say these will never replace spaghetti in bolognese in the same way that cauliflower rice really isn't the same as basmati for your tikka masala. If you're having a proper treat people, enjoy all the elements properly rather than compromising with something that frankly does have a very different texture and taste.

However, these noodles are absolutely perfect for a load of other uses. One evening I cooked them along with some proper noodles and other veg and seafood for a stir fry and they worked perfectly adding colour, texture and a boost of veg to my dish. I also had them cold in a salad and again they're just a really great way to make a salad instantly look more visually appealing and add interest. Both warm and cold they tasted great.

Yes I could be accused of buying into trends with these but I just find them a really nice way of incorporating more veg into my life and they're great for jazzing up meals. So much less hassle than faffing aroud with a proper butternut squash and frankly tastier too.

Price: £1
Bought at: Co-Op
Nutrition per half pack: 30 calories

Score: 8/10

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