Saturday, 11 June 2016

Waitrose Aubergine and Feta Burgers

It's easier to cut down on meat nowadays with pretty much every supermarket actually having rather a lot of choice and high quality vegetarian options. Vegetable burgers aren't exactly the most innovative of vegetarian foods but they are usually pretty tasty and make a nice speedy meal. These aubergine and feta burgers from Waitrose caught my eye and so ended up in my basket for dinner.They're what I expect a vegetarian burger to be - actually made of vegetables including potato, sweet potato, lentils, aubergine, chickpeas and spring onions. All of the ingredients were recognisable and there wasn't any added sugar. They were also pretty low in salt - some veggie burgers can be incredibly salty.

They looked fairly standard but were a nice decent size. The cooking instructions were spot on - a quick 15-17 min bake in the oven and all I needed was a bit of couscous and veg to round off the meal.

Texture wise they're great - they don't crumble all flake apart and are nice solid burgers you can cut into bitesize pieces. The outside crisped up nicely which contrasts well against the soft middle which is a mish mash of veg and spices. Although there were a lot of spices in there such as chilli, garlic and cumin they're not very noticeable and it's really the taste of lentils and pulses you get -which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

There's also a slight hint of mint which complements the odd little burtsts of feta you get. It's not a very cheese veg burger by any means but I felt it added a little fattiness which was nice against the starchy pulses. They weren't the most exciting veggie burgers I've had but they were enjoyable and I'd buy again.

Price: £2.39
Bought at: Waitrose
Nutrition per burger: 238 calories, 12.8g fat,  2g sat fat, 5.2g sugars, 0.65g salt.

Score: 7/10

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