Saturday, 4 June 2016

Coconut Collaborative Dairy Free Milk Little Choc Pots Review

Whilst I tend to prefer soy for my yogurts, coconut makes the best dairy free desserts. It provides a natural creaminess and richness from the good fats that make coconut products feel so indulgent. Having really enjoyed Rebel Kitchen's Coffee Coconut Yogurt, I decided to give these new chocolate ganache desserts from the Coconut Collaboriative a try.

According to the coconut collaborative - Our Little pots of chocolate ganache are the perfect thing to satisfy that sweet tooth in calorie-controlled portions. At just 105 calories per pot, they are the ultimate chocolate fix. They are rich, velvety, and extremely delicious. Our Little Choc Pots are a combination of dark chocolate and coconut cream, therefore containing all the health boosting properties of coconut milk. Coconuts are full of fatty acids, and, instead of storing them, the body uses these fats instantly for energy. Even better, they contain zero cholesterol.

All sounds pretty promising - I ordered these via Ocado so couldn't really tell what they would look like. Upon getting the pack of 4 x 45g pots, I could see instantly why they are 105 calories even though coconut is pretty calorific. The pots are absolutely miniscule! If you really wanted, I imagine you could scoop the entire pot out with a table spoon and eat the whole thing in one bite.

However, being one to want to prolong my dessert as much as possible, I went with a little plastic spoon and scraped miniscule mouthfuls out at a time. And actually this is really the best way to eat it as goodness these are rich. I thought the coconut yogurt from Rebel Kitchen was rich but these are even moreso. They are definitely up there with any kind of resturant dessert for pure indulgence mouthfeel. It is so thick that you would have difficulty spreading it with a knife and is almost solid. But this makes them feel so creamy and delicious.

Even people not interested in dairy free would find this utterly indulgent. It is a really intense, chocolatey hit and it's nice to see the ingredients use proper dark chocolate - one containing more cocoa mass than sugar. There isn't really much of a coconut flavour - it's pretty darn chocolatey so it's pretty accessible for all but the coconut fat does add that richness.

Frankly any more than a 45g pot and you would feel sick. I actually wouldn't be able to make my way through a whole pot by itself as it's so decadent. I ended up having it with a banana to lighten it up a bit and to spread the chocolatey mouthfuls with a bit of freshness. It's also fairly sweet, which I would like to see tempered down a bit but it is a very special dessert.

Utterly naughty feeling and satisfying but at 105 calories, it's a pretty guilt free dessert.

Price: £2.99
Bought at: Ocado
Nutrition per 100g: 234 calories, 14.4g fat, 11.2g sat fat, 22g sugars, 0.1g salt

Score: 8/10


  1. I love the sound of these...hope they're in normal shops rather than Ocado soon!

    1. Think you'd like them -chances are if Ocado have them, they'll end up in Waitrose at some point

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