Friday, 10 June 2016

Marks and Spencer Coronation Coleslaw

The fact I am posting a review of coronation coleslaw the same weekend of the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations is purely coincidental. Whilst I am a sucker for anything new, I don't start buying things just because of an event - Halloween, the World Cup or Queen's Birthday, I won't start changing what I would buy just because the retailers tell me. M+S as a sponsor of the patron lunch have a few new bits and bobs to mark the occasion but this cornation coleslaw is just part of the normal salad stuff.

During the summer I can be quite lazy lunch with lunches (that's a bit of a lie I'm generally a pretty lazy cook and tend to 'assemble' things on a plate) and like to just have fresh salad and a few cold picky bits so this coleslaw was perfect for one of these lunches.

Opening up the tub it looked really appetising - no wateriness but also not fatty or claggy either. The consistency is the perfect kind - not loose and runny but fairly substantial and the cabbage shreds are nice and chunky and also fresh tasting. M+S always do their salad stuff well and don't compromise on ingredients so the ingredients list is all pretty natural.

I had with some fresh salad and a little frittata and it made a nice, light lunch. The coronation flavour really uplifts normal coleslaw. It's not heavy or mayonaissy but rather fresh with a nice very mild spiciness. The curry flavours cut through any richness and the use of a few sultanas and apricots adds further freshness and a mild sweetness that contrasts nicely with the savoury spice.

It made a nice easy lunch but also one that was a bit more interesting as well.

Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Price: £2.00
Nutrition: 280 calories per 1/2 pack

Score: 7/10

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