Saturday, 18 June 2016

Holland and Barrett Open Sesame Sticks Review

At work, it's nice to just have a bag od something savoury for nibbling on or for grazing on. Nuts are always a good option and very nutritious but sometimes you want something a bit different. I found these open sesame sticks in Holland and Barrett and initially whilst I did think they looked rather bland and boring, I nevertheless bought them to have at work.

An alternative I guess to crisps these are sesame noodles that are essentially made out of chickpeas. The ingredients list is very pure and simple, consisting of gram flour (from chickpeas), rapeseed oil, sesame seeds and salt. So all very natural and clean.

Pouring them out there's lots of different sized pieces ranging from long to short. They feel nice and firm in the hand and have a hard, crunchy texture that I really enjoyed. Harder than crisps but not as hard as say the roasted chickpeas I tried from garbanzo, they had moreishly addictive quality I get from satisfyingly crunchy snacks.

The flavour although fairly neutral is deliciously savoury and whilst the ingredients list is so short and they look a little dull, I have to say I really enjoyed them. There's a slight mild chickpea nuttiness along with a more dominant sesame flavour but they are quite savoury in a really unidentifiable way. I managed to get 3 servings out of the bag but it would be very easy to demolish them especially as a nibble with drinks.

As an added bonus because they're made of gram flour, they're actually 18% protein, which can't be a bad thing either. I will definitely buy these again.

Price: £0.89
Bought at: Holland and Barrett
Nutrition per 100g: 499 calories, 30g fat, 3.5g sat fat, 1.3g sugar, 18g protein, 1.6g salt

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