Thursday, 30 June 2016

Vita Coco Peach and Mango Coconut Water Review

Whilst I may be trying birch water nowadays, I still enjoy coconut water and vita coco is probably my most regularly bought brand - the lemonade one in particular is utterly delicious, very refreshing and zingy. Although this peach and mango one has been around for years now, I've only just got round to trying it.

There's not much point trying to convince you of the benefits of coconut water - you either love it's taste or you find it too earthy - although you can't knock its hydration and potassium benefits and it's certainly more delicious than water.

Simply coconut water, peach puree and mango puree with a little vitamin c, you expect it to be very tropical tasting and as always I love the vita coco packaging - it's just so colourful, cheering and makes me feel good just looking at it as it does to drink it.

This version has a more tropical taste and certainly seemed sweeter and more sticky than the other versions I've tried. You definitely get the mango taste with maybe a peach hint but you also get the taste of coconut water as the fruits don't override completely although they are pretty dominant.

The lemonade version is probably still my favourite but it's a nice refreshing drink as good after the gym or a run as it is sat outside on a hot day.

Price: £1.69
Bought at: Ocado
Nutrition per 100ml: 25 calories, 0g fat, 6gsugars

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