Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wholefoods Market Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I'm increasingly eating more and more nut butters. They're delicious and a bit different and really liven up bread, croissants and bagels. Not to mention they're healthy with lots of good fats, vitamins  and a high protein content to keep you satisfied.

This version I bought from Wholefoods Market is a little less healthy as it's a chocolate based one. However, it is a much healthier alternative to the likes of Nutella. Essentially, it's only made from hazelnuts and milk chocolate drops and nothing else - so no weird artificial ingredients and less sugar.

The really cool thing about this is you get to make it yourself in store. There's a machine that freshly grinds and processes the two raw ingredients and pumps out the butter into a pot and you're in control of how much to take. This was great for me as I could try it without needing to buy loads and meant I wouldn't be tempted to overindulge and eat too much.

Now I admit it doesn't look that pretty and is a bit dry looking but it was lovely. Texture wise, it was a lot thicker and stiffer than Nutella and it was more difficult to spread on my toast. However, this is due to the high hazelnut content and the fact it is freshly ground rather than overly processed. It definitely wasn't as smooth as Nutella but then again Nutella is only 13% hazelnuts rather than hazelnuts being the key ingredient. Nutella also has no actual chocolate in  - it's just cocoa powder whereas this has cocoa butter and cocoa mass for real milk chocolate. So you can forgive it for not replicating it.

It also tastes quite different. It's less sweet and has more depth and flavour. The high amount of roasted hazelnuts give it a delicious toasted nuttiness, whilst the chocolate adds creaminess.

This made a lovely indulgent breakfast and frankly you don't feel too bad eating it as it's fairly natural.

Score: 7.5/10


  1. Making your own small sample is a great idea! There are so many new-ish nut butters I want to try but it would take me forever to get through each jar :(

    1. That's exactly what I thought! I often find the same things with jams and conserves. There's some lovely sounding flavours out there but I can't really buy them because the jars are too large and I wouldn't get through them or get bored of them.

      Although I don't think I would get bored of this chocolate nut butter though!