Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vitasia Wasabi Paste (Lidl)

I am generally quite fond of Lidl and Aldi products - whilst I am ultimately a brand lover (I find brands tend to do more exciting flsvours and more innovative new ideas), I have found some really great products in the Discounters.

Unfortunately, this wasabi paste from Lidl was not one of them. I love wasabi and sushi - the hotter the better. It totally clears the sinuses, revitalises you and works so well with fish. This wasabi was certainly a good price - 89p for 43g. I've seen similar types of product for £2 and upwards.

Packaging wise, I thought it looked a little cheap. There is some Japan style imagery and writing going on but it looks a bit cartoony and so cheapens it. However, the ingredients were reassuring quality and natural - it's made up of 75% horseradish, 10% horseradish powder, some mustard seeds, some wasabi, salt, turmeric and some colouring. This is in stark contrast to lots of other wasabi pastes that are full of sweetners and maltodextrin.

Squeezing it out, the disappointment set in - it didn't look great. The green was quite dark and muted and looked a bit dull and fake - not bright like wasabi I've had in sushi packs and in Japanese restaurants.

Eating it, again, it failed to deliver what I had hoped for. It certainly tastes fine but it just tasted like horseradish sauce, not surprising considering the high horseradish content. I like horseradish sauce but, as I ate it with tuna, I was strongly reminded of roast beef. It's not very hot - it certainly won't make your eyes water and isn't as peppery as I want wasabi to be. It was perfectly edible and I'll definitely finish the tube but it wasn't really wasabi, lacking the salty umami flavour I crave.

Price: 89p
Available: Lidl

Pros: Good value, tastes fine
Cons: Doesn't taste like wasabi - more horseradish sauce

Score: 4/10

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