Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bananas and Walnuts

Rather than only posting reviews, I've decided to occasionally post musings on other food I've eaten or been inspired by. After reading a lot of raw/clean living recipes online, I was inspired tonight to have a little go at making a healthy, raw, deconstructed banana bread.

Okay, it's literally just a bowl of banana and walnuts but it is essentially capturing the essence of banana bread. Lovely, sweet, creamy banana to balance out the little nuggets of brittle, crunchy, savoury walnut.

We all know we should eat healthier and this makes a lovely, simple pudding that I enjoyed a lot more than I should have, considering it's no sticky toffee pudding or cheesecake.

Take the time and rather than just eat a banana standing up from your hand, make it seem a little special. I simply squidged an extremely ripe organic  banana (and usually I like my bananas green) into a bowl so it had a mushy, pudding-esque quality and topped with crumbled up organic walnuts. You want to break the walnuts up finely so there's a little bit in every spoonful, like there is in every bite in banana bread.

That's it. No sugar, no wheat, no fat. Just pure natural ingredients. Lots of vitamins and potassium from the banana and heart healthy fats from the walnuts. A nice pudding doesn't always have to be processed and bad for you. It's also a great way to use up overripe, sticky bananas that I would usually reject from having with cereal.

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