Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marks and Spencer Porridge with Berry Compote

If I'm completely honest with myself, there is no excuse to spend£1.70 on a pot of porridge, especially considering I could buy over a kilo of raw oats for that price.

Except that this porridge I picked up from M&S was so delicious I didn't really regret wasting that much money. Available from the chilled cabinets, this is a very natural and healthy product. The porridge contains only oats and semi skimmed milk and the compote contains redcurrants, sugar, water, blackcurrants, raspberry and cornflour. That's it, and all things you would find in a normal kitchen.

The porridge pot just heats up in the microwave and then you can add the fruity compote into it and eat it straight from the tub. I guess M&S is catering for on the go breakfasters who don't mind paying a premium for convenience because it is overpriced for what it is. You could basically get porridge from Pret or Eat for that price, a Quaker instant pot is about a £1 and you can buy a bag of oats for even less than that.

However, this is absolutely delicious. For a healthy option, it just feels so overly indulgent. The porridge is rich, thick and creamy with a lovely smooth milky taste. The compote tastes of actual fruit rather than sugar and is dark, sweet and tangy. The two blend perfectly together and if I'm honest I felt like I was eating a luxury rice pudding instead of a breakfast.

It's overpriced, it's unnecessary but it's just so silky smooth and tasty. I will definitely buy this again albeit as an occasional pricy treat.

Price: £1.70
Available: Marks and Spencer

Pros: Healthy, natural, convenient, utterly delicious
Cons: Very ovrpriced

Score: 8/10

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