Monday, 7 July 2014

Propercorn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla

I always look out for interesting popcorn flavours. Popcorn makes the perfect healthy snack as I feel I get so much in a bag that there really is a substantial amount to munch on and yet it is so low in calories. However, the regular sweet or salty variants are a little boring for me so anything promising new and exotic flavours always garners my attention.

This Propercorn popcorn ticked all the boxes intially. It's only 109 calories for a pretty big bag, the flavour is new and not done by anyone else and I think the packaging looks so cool. It's very bold and bright and brings to mind the tropics but in a funky pop-art style.

Opening the bag, they certainly smelt the part. The aromas were absolutely heavenly. A very sweet and mild, authentic vanilla scent was infused with a real strong coconut smell. It actually smelt very similar to both Nice biscuits and also the coconut ring biscuits you can buy in the supermarket.

This bowl I poured literally only used up half the pack so you certainly do get a lot in the packet! Eating the popcorn, I was a little disappointed. It was certainly flavoursome and did taste of coconut and vanilla but it is very subtle indeed. The popcorn is light with a great, airy texture but I would have enjoyed it more if the coating of coconut and vanilla was more pronounced. It did taste a little plain to me and wasn't as indulgent as both the packaging and smell would suggest.

However, because of the thin coating of flavour, this is a very low sugar sweet snack, which is always nice. It certainly curbs a sweet craving and has enough flavour to provide a healthy snack that you can enjoy without the guilt. But for a real treat or for sharing in front of a movie I would probably look for other brands of popcorn that are a bit more treaty (albeit a little bit naughtier).

Price: 79p
Pros: Healthy, low calorie, low sugar, lovely smell, sweet, light and airy so you don't feel weighed down after eating
Cons: Flavouring isn't as strong as I would like or as strong as the delicious aroma

Score: 7/10


  1. I would buy this mainly because of the low sugar, always handy to have such options around!

    1. That was what attracted this to me as well. And even though it is low sugar, it still very much like a sweet treat so you don't feel deprived. Very good for when you just want a lot of stuff to just mindlessly munch on - definitely a better option than sharing bags of chocolate