Sunday, 13 July 2014

GU After Dark Hot Chocolate Souffle

GU, like Ben & Jerry's, Hotel Chocolat and Dunkin' Doughnuts, seems to be one of those brands that everybody raves about. Many years late to the party, I finally decided to give the brand a whirl and see what all the fuss was about with these dark chocolate souffles.

At £3.59, these aren't cheap for just two but I certainly felt it was justified based on the quality of ingredients. At 300 calories per pot it's obviously never going to be a healthy treat, but it reassuring how short the ingredients list is and that it is mainly high quality, natural ingredients like chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar. If you're going to be indulgent, better to do it with 'real' food.

Chocolate makes up 36% of the product and is the no 1 ingredient. The fact cocoa mass, not sugar, is the main component of the chocolate demonstrates it's premium dark chocolate rather than standard chocolate. The dessert is also pretty low in sugar overall. At under 16g per 100g you'd be hard pushed to find many yoghurts, let alone desserts, hitting this mark.

The packaging is also very high quality and looks very deluxe both on the outside and the little pots within. I like the fact they are individually sealed as it makes them perfect for freshness and portion control. The jars are high quality and look like the type of thing you get in a restaurant. I even kept mine as it was too nice to throw away - so an extra bonus!

These were very easy and quick to cook. 12 mins in the oven and they came out perfectly just like the pack said. They smelt gorgeously chocolatey and were puffed up and moussey. The perfect souffle texture.

If this was given to you as a dessert in a restaurant, you'd happily pay for it. It was rich, intense and so chocolatey. The top had a nice, thin, chewy crust. There was a moussey creamy texture underneath and, right in the middle, dark oozing pools of molten chocolate.

Portion size is just right. Enough to get a good chocolate hit and feel you've had a treat without being too much as it is very intense. My only issue was, much as I enjoyed it, I didn't enjoy it enough for 300 calories. There are other treats I'd rather use it for. However, for chocolate lovers, this would be a great choice.

Price: £3.59
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Premium, reuseable pot, portion control, high quality ingredients, restaurant quality, fairly low sugar, so chocolatey
Cons: Very pricey, 300 calories for very little

Score: 7/10

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