Monday, 21 July 2014

Rowan Hill Bakery Bagels (Lidl)

After the disappointment from the Vitasia wasabi paste I tried from Lidl, I didn't expect much from these bagels. In my experience, pretty much all store bought bagels are a waste of time and taste like ordinary bread rolls with a hole in the middle. Usually, if I want bagels, it's only the in store bakery ones that are adequate.

I did appreciate the packaging of these. Firstly, you get four rather than the usual five in a pack. Bagels are lovely but I try to have healthy breakfasts most days so they're not something I want too much of. Furthermore, they come in 2 sachets of 2 bagels for freshness so you don't feel the need to eat all of them before they go off.

I was a little concerned that the expiry date was in 3 months time rather than 3 days, which you find on most bagels. On the plus side, it means they make a good standby, although I did worry what was in them to achieve this.

Opening them up, they looked thick, plump and bouncy. They had a nice, soft, squigy texture although didn't smell overtly strongly and did have a slight roll like consistency.

They did, however, toast very successfully and smelt inviting and comforting. Nice and crisp on the outside, they were still dense and chewy with that lovely bagel texture on the inside.

There was a good balance of salt and sweet, which give bagels their malty characteristic. With hazelnut butter on one half and blueberry conserve on the other, this made a lovely treaty breakfast. At 79p for four, they're worth a go and are certainly no worse than other supermarket bagels.

Score: 7/10

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