Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tesco Finest 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt

I don't usually buy Tesco Finest products, favouring M&S or Waitrose when I want to splash out, and I'm still not sure what prompted me to buy this yoghurt in the first place but I'm very glad I did.

Tesco haven't done anything unique or created something unusual with a fun flavour combination. It really is simply just Greek yoghurt but one of excellent quality.

The pack gives a source of Macedonia in Northern Greece, so this is a real Greek yoghurt, not like the bulk of "Greek style" yoghurts on the market. The packaging is quite simple but it looks very premium with attractive writing and a solid, good quality tub.

Opening it up, it has a very smooth, pure white colour that looks creamy and rich and that is uniform with no watery bits or any congealed bits. One thing that really stands out and showcases its luxury is just how thick it is - I could easily get a spoon standing up in it with no support!

I couldn't believe how thick and creamy this product tasted, considering it is 0% fat. And the removal of fat hasn't meant its suffered nutritionally elsewhere as there is nothing else in this and it has an extremely low sugar content - under 4g per 100g.

I made a rough and ready Bircher muesli using some oats and dried fruit as well as flaxseed and then topped with blueberries. This made a really refreshing summer breakfast that was light and healthy yet surprisingly filling due to the protein content.

I was really impressed by this yoghurt and will buy this quite often I think. It is a little more expensive but I loved its natural, unadulterated taste with a slight tang.

Price: £1.60
Available: Tesco

Pros: Utterly creamy. Simple and natural. Clean tasting. Filling. Low sugar and fat
Cons: A tad more expensive

Score: 8/10

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