Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lidl De Luxe Hazelnut Coffee Syrup

I'm a huge coffee fan and am always trying to replicate authentic lattes and espressos at home. I love my Tassimo machine and always look to add a little continental sophistication to my coffees, often with an amaretti or tuile biscuit on the side.

When I saw these bottles of coffee syrup in Lidl, I knew I had to buy a bottle to replicate my beloved hazelnut lattes for a little indulgence at home. These 350ml bottles are a mere £1.49 and there's also vanilla and caramel versions too. This is great value. An entire bottle for less than the price of one hazelnut latte from Starbucks.

And this really is the same product. It has that lovely nutty, sweet smell you find in hazelnut lattes in coffee shops and it is the exact same taste as well. It's smooth, warming and comforting.

This really enhances my lattes at home and is something I will continue to look forward using as a weekend treat for lazy breakfasts.

Score: 8/10


  1. I really like their Vanilla coffee syrup. I actually think it tastes stronger than the Monin version so I can get away with using less. They're great value too!

    1. I also found I use less as well - I drop in just a teaspoon or so. It's nice being able to control the level yourself as you get a little bit of flavour without overwhelming the coffee with sugary sweetness. I had a flavoured latte from Costa the other day and it was too sweet for me as I'm used to just putting in a little bit.

      Definitely great value - less than half the price of Monin and you get 350ml instead 250ml. Although Monin does have a lot of other flavours I like such as gingerbread, cinnamon and cookie dough so I wouldn't stop buying them either.

  2. I also love their coffee syrup but sadly can't find it at my local stores anyone, does anyone know how to get it now? :-)