Friday, 11 July 2014

Tesco Greek Dip Selection

It seems crazy now how many different dips you can buy. A few years ago it was pretty much only houmous, guacamole, salsa and those naff mixed sets for breadsticks. I love how much more there is available nowadays as retailers release ever complex and innovative flavours like piri piri houmous and beetroot and mint dips. The only problem is trying to decide which ones to try first.

This little mixed Greek section by Tesco caught my eye thanks to offering 3 dips in one and not in vast quantities either so you can test a few things without being obligated to go though loads of it or wasting any of it. It's a nice mix of common houmous, tzatziki and also a red pepper and feta dip for something a little different.

The houmous wasn't anything to get ovely excited about but it was nice nevertheless. It had a lovely smooth texture that was quite mild but also decliously thick and full of chickpea flavour. It had a faint nutty taste but didn't overwhelm the biscuits I was eating it with.

The tzatziki was my favourite in the selection - it was really cool, really refreshing with a slight tang and had a lovely meltingly smooth texture in the mouth. The coolness of the yoghurt was absolutely lovely and the faint minty tones made this a great summer dip.

Red pepper and feta dip was the most unusual element of the mixture but it's not too wacky of a flavour combo either. It had a lovely faint aroma of feta and again the texture was spot on, being very smooth, sleek and creamy. The feta bought lovely notes of saltiness whilst the red peper bought gentle sweetness and two fuse together perfectly.

I liked the fact that the mixture allowed me to try a few things at the same time without needing to open lots of different pots. My only bugbear is that the cover is a flimsy plastic sheet rather than a resealable plastic lid like you get on larger packs of dips. This means it doesn't store as well but as the quantities are quite small, this isn't too much of a problem.

Price: £1.35
Available: Tesco

Pros: Nice mix, lots of textures and flavour. Feta and red pepper brings something new.
Cons: Hard to reseal and keep fresh


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