Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Waitrose Cod Fishcakes with creamy parsley sauce

I'm actually quite partial to supermarket fishcakes so long as they're good quality and not bulked out with weird technno ingredients. They make a nice easy meal and they're not too processed. However, they need to be very meaty and not be hard, crispy or shrivelled up. I've always particularly enjoyed M&S' melt in the middle fishcakes but bought these as part of a 3 for £10 meat and fish deal at Waitrose.

The fishcakes are a really good size. If you're only having one fishcakes then it needs to be pretty substantial and these meet that mark. They are lovely puffed up domes that are bursting with filling inside.

They were reasonably quick to cook, needing only 25 mins in the oven and, for once, these fishcakes survived the cooking process, staying completely intact. Usually with melting middle or sauce filled fishcakes, I find they tend to burst or leak out whilst in the oven but happily this was not the case here.

Golden and crisp looking, they were quite aromatic in a homely, comforting sort of way as they came out. Cutting one open, I was really pleased with the ratios. These fishcakes have a fish content (30% cod) and very little breadcrumbs on the outside. Indeed, it's only a thin crust that gives a little crunch but it is the filling that is the star of the show - there's loads of it and it's pillowy soft and melt in the mouth.

The parsley sauce in the middle drizzles out as you cut it open, saturating the soft white filling with its savoury and creamy properties. Again, the ration is perfect. It's enough to moisten the fishcake without making it overly pappy helping it to stay intact. The sauce is nice and peppery but doesn't overwhelm the rest of the fishcake so you can appreciate the filling properly.

These fishcakes made a really quick and easy supper with some potatoes and veg. The fact they use such high quality ingredients and are really tasty and satisfying makes the whole package a really good buy.

Price: £3.99 or 3 for £10 at the moment
Available: Waitrose

Pros: Lovely meaty filling, cooks perfectly, perfect ratios of filling, sauce and breadcrumbs
Cons: Only two in a pack so not the most economical buy

Score: 7/10

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