Thursday, 17 July 2014

Meridian Crunchy Hazelnut Butter

As I've started going to the gym lot recently, I've been looking out for high energy and high protein snacks to keep me going and this hazelnut butter from Meridian hits the mark perfectly.

Everything about this paste is right for me. It's a nice small 170g jar so you know you'll get through it okay and means it's easy to carry around as I often take this to work.

This product is also absolutely pure and natural. There is literally one ingredient: hazelnuts. 100% hazelnuts and nothing else. No oil, no salt, no sugar like most spreads on the market. As a result, I feel great snacking on this. The fact nuts are full of healthy fats and pack a protein punch makes this perfect for satisfying hunger pangs as it keeps you going for longer. I've been having it a lot for breakfast recently too as it really keeps me going until lunch on a bagel or toast.

Taste wise, it is absolutely delicious. I was taken aback when I first ate it by how strongly it reminded me of Ferrero Rocher (minus the chocolate obviously). It feels really, really indulgent with a thick, creamy, melting mouthfeel and a gorgeous roasted nutty taste. And yet it really is just hazelnuts!

This will be a regular purchase for me from now on as it seems very versatile. I use it for breakfasts and pre gym boosts but I imagine this would be lovely in baking and if you mixed some melted chocolate into it, it would probably taste like a natural version of nutella.

Price: £2.99
Available: I picked mine up in a Whole Foods market but Waitrose and Holland and Baratt stock it too

Pros: Utterly delicious, natural, no sugar, no salt, nice small pack size
Cons: Sometimes the nut oil naturally separates but just give it a stir to mix everything again (it is a natural product after all!)

Score: 9/10


  1. Meridian is the best! I've only had their peanutbutter though (smooth and crunchy versions) and I also really enjoyed their peanutbutter with a touch of sea salt. The sea salt is so delicate and really enhances the flavour, loved it

  2. Funnily enough, I picked up a jar of the peanut butter yesterday after enjoying this so much. Can't wait to try it. I went for smooth as this one was crunchy so wanted to mix it up.

  3. The way you describe this it sounds fantastic, can't believe I haven't given it a try yet! I love Meridian's almond butter which I sometimes get at Holland & Barrett. Deffo going to try the hazelnut version next! I think I may add some cocoa powder and maybe sweetener and make my own version of Nutella. Or heck, maybe make some of my own Nutella "balls" with it!

    1. Ps. I swear that's not meant to sound dodgy lol.

    2. Haha! Yes, I think you could quite easily make a very nice homespun version of Nutella with this using cocoa powder -plus it would be pretty guilt free too - always a good thing!