Monday, 30 June 2014

Marks and Spencer's Coconut Water with Watermelon

After returning from holiday, I still desperately needed a sense of the sun and the tropical so went straight for this coconut water from M&S. This is something I've never seen before, even from my preferred coconut water brand of Coco Vita, so was eager to give it a try. Watermelon is also a very unusual flavour in anything and has yet not had its turn of being a trend.

The ingredients list is fairly simple and short. It‘s half coconut water and half watermelon mostly, although there are a few stabilisers and flavourings too.

Pouring it into a glass, it looked cool and inviting with its pink colour and sweet smell. However, I found the watermelon very overpowering. When Vita Coco release flavours, they only account for a small proportion of the drink. With watermelon accounting for nearly half the ingredients here, it lost the coconut water edge.

This might be good for those who find coconut water not to their tastes but I found the watermelon a bit strong and a little sweet, making it difficult to finish a whole glass.

Price: £1.99
Available: M&S

Pros: Unusual and unique flavour. Price is very competitive. It's much cheaper than all the big coconut water brands.
Cons: Watermelon dominates the drink and it loses any coconut edge.

Score: 6/10

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