Monday, 9 May 2016

The new flat white at Caffe Nero Review

Whilst I do quite like Caffe Nero as a coffee chain, I do find they seriously lag behind Costa and Starbucks when it comes to new products and innovation in coffee. I love having coffee out and regularly do so so am always on the look out for the next big thing. Independents and smaller business, particularly in London, are doing really interesting things, but even Starbucks and Costa are pushing the boat out. Starbucks have launched the honey blossom macchiatos and you can now get coconut milk lattes and Costa have launched a roasted almond cappuccino.

Caffe Nero always miss the boat on trends and their big new launch is….the flat white. Flat whites are everywhere now and I have been drinking them for years even in the likes of Costa. But it is also my favourite coffee so I was interested in seeing how Caffe Nero’s compared.
Caffe Nero always use 2 espresso shots in all their drinks so I thought they would deliver a decent flat white, which is a slightly stronger milky based coffee with less foam than a cappuccino. It is stretched for a drink creamier than a cappuccino  but less milky than a latte.

It looked good with an attractive slightly foamed top with a soft, creamy finish that hinted a t at a dark, rich coffee underneath. I always alternate spooning off and eating a little foam than sipping a bit of a coffee with a cappuccino, latte or flat white as it gives  you a good taste of the flavours.

The milk was the perfect consistency – a little air and a little bit of froth but one that was still fairly, thick and milky with a nice sweet finish. Sipping the drink this was a pretty good flat. It had a deep roasted, strong flavour that was perfectly balanced and made a little lighter by the smooth milk. The drink was also nice and hot – I hate tepid drinks and coffee!
Caffe Nero make a good flat white and this will become my regular order in their stores ongoing. However, Caffe Nero please start getting onto trends earlier!
Bought at: Caffe Nero
Score: 8/10


  1. Apparently Costa are doing a popcorn flavour cappuccino now! I agree that Nero are always late to these trends, though I dont think it's a bad thing since their quality is far superior to the other coffee chains. I'll definitely be ordering one of these :)

    1. Popcorn flavour cappuccino!?! That's pure madness but I'm going to have to hunt this down one way or another. Thanks for letting me know - that's just crazy.

      I agree it's not always a bad thing to focus just on the quality. Caffe Nero do the best coffee as well I'd say. It depends on whether you're out for a good strong, authentic coffee or if you're in the mood for a crazy (and sugar filled) coffee/syrup hybrid!

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