Friday, 13 May 2016

Danone Light and Free Raspberry Review

I eat yogurt most days either as a sweet finish to lunch or dinner. Often it's simply plain yogurt or nowadays I eat lot of the really thick high protein pots like Skyr and Total as I love their thick texture. Danone look to try and jump on this trend although they seem to have come at it from a more female angle. These new Light and Free yogurts are very much aimed at the Slimming World and Special K girls. Each pot is around 60 calories and there's no fat but they promise a thick Greek style texture.

Although I am definitely not their target (just look how girly the packaging is), I was interested in by the 0 added sugars claim. If they were delicious and creamy, then a product with no added sugars, no fat and for such minimal calories can't be a bad thing.

Each pot is 115g but feels a bit more substantial for some reason as the pots feel quite weighty and big and seem a good portion size. I suppose the little female images on each pot are quite nice in design as well.

Opening it up I could smell the raspberry and there certainly seemed quite a few pieces mixed throughout. I put my spoon and gave it a stir. It was thinner than I was expecting. More Muller Light Greek Style as opposed to things like Danio or Skyr. It was thicker than normal yogurt but not so thick you can stand a spoon up it in it. This was a bit disappointing as I like my yogurts really thick as they feel more filling that way.

Nevertheless, it does have a pretty creamy texture but it doesn't have an indulgent feel. The flavour was pretty good but I think I could taste the sweetener in it. Although there's no added sugars, it did taste a little sweet to me due to this. I was also disappointed that it wasn't that high in protein. I think because it said greek style I assumed automatically it would be but like I said it seems to be more of a diet / Muller Light proposition than a satisfying, thick yogurt.

It's a pretty tasty yogurt and a reasonable sweet end to a meal. I wasn't overwhelmed particularly. I liked it and would eat them again although I don't think I would buy it over my Total, Skyr and Arla Protein. Muller Light buyers would probably love it though.

Price: £2.49
Bought at: Tesco (£1.25 special offer)
Nutrition per pot: 61 calories, 0.1g fat, less than 0.1g sat fat, 7.8g sugars, 0.24g salt

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