Saturday, 14 May 2016

Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer Sweetcorn Empanadas

Wow is all I can say about M&S at the moment. This weekend they've been running an event for their Spirit of Summer range with some sampling in store (the coconut and lime cake and the sweetcorn wraps in particular are gorgeous) and a 10% off extra for Sparks card holders. Needless to say I went mental in there and have bought a ridiculous amount. I just can't help it with M+S - everything always look so inviting and intriguing - so apologies as there will probably be a bit of glut of M+S reviews for a while!

One offer that was really good this weekend was the 4 deli picnic items and a bottle of wine or coolbag (let's be honest who would choose a coolbag over wine) for £10. The hard part for me was just picking four - there were just so many nice things and I love M+S' deli items. Theyre handy to make any old salad that bit more interesting or for nice savoury grazing straight from the fridge.

One of things I went for were these sweetcorn and blackbean empanadas - empanadas being very on trend with the Brazilian World cup. First thing I'll say is these are ridiculously over priced - £2.80 for four very small pieces but they did sound good with their coriander and chilli flavours and looked so dainty and nice.

Usually I just eat these types of product cold because I'm impatient and frankly they always taste delicious whether hot or cold but today I pushed the boat out and cooked them in the oven for 8 mintes as instructed to crisp up the pastry.

They smelt good when I got them out of the oven and the pastry was golden and crisp with no greasiness whatsoever. Biting in they had a decent amount of filling and the beany texture of sweetcorn and blackbeans worked well against the crunchy pastry, Chilli, coriander and turmeric added flavour albeit with no heat and little bits of pepper and spring onion add freshness.

Like all M+S products, the ingredients list is straighforward and recognisable and when you look in you can see real wholesome ingredients. They made very nice little snacks but are very overpriced as they are very nice without being mindblowing. I did very much enjoy them though and would buy them again,

Price: £2.80
Bought at: Marks and Spencer

Score: 7/10

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