Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nature's Store Organic Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes Gluten Free Review

I haven't had a rice cake for years. I used to eat them a fair bit about 5 years ago but then more and more interesting healthy snacks kept coming out and they also got a bit of bad press about being one of those diet foods that leave you hungry.

But then I was thinking to myself, 85 calories for one of these is never meant to really fill you up as such and as a replacement for a unhealthier snack it's got to be a better choice. I wouldn't go to these if I was starving or to use after a run to refuel but as a treat, I can't see why this would be a bad choice.

Everything about the product is organic and it's gluten and wheat free. It's wholegrain rice coated in milk chocolate and there's a few sesame seeds dotted in there two. They come in handy individual packs of two for freshness.

They were actually really pretty delicious and give you that chocolate hit but with less fat. I actually found that just the one with a cup of tea was enough to give me that sweet hit as they're quite large in diameter so you feel you get more versus something like a chocolate digestive. And the thing that makes them taste so good is that the milk chocolate is really pretty good quality. It's not overly sweet or sugary but has a proper chocolate taste that is smooth, creamy and melt in the mouth good. The ingredients list of the chocolate is short with 32% cocoa mass and no vegetable or palm oils and this really shines through.

It's also pretty generous with the chocolate accounting for 60% of each rice cake so the taste you get is chocolate rather than the savoury rice. I found it even nicer if just sumberged quickly in my hot coconut drink as it melts the chocolate a little making it even more creamy and meltingly delicious.

What's nice about it is that's also a nice light eat and the fact they're not filling is also a plus point as you don't feel weighed down. Overall I really enjoyed these and the gluten free etc is just a bonus because they are tasty in their own right.

Nutrition per rice cake: 83 calories, 4.1g fat, 2.5g sat fat, 4.9g sugars, 0.04g salt
Score: 7.5/10

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