Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sibberi Birch Water Review

So it now seems coconut water is so last year and the new trend is for tree waters - maple water and birch water. Never one to not buy something new and unncessary, I snapped up this birch water from Sibberi from Boots. This birch water is nothing but pure birch sap and long favoured by Nordic folk cultures and according to Sibberi -it 'supports kidney and liver functions and speeds up the process of elimination" although that might just be hype.

However, what appealed to me was firstly it's a small 250ml bottle - 250ml is my ideal drinks size and I hate it when companies give you big 500ml bottle drinks. Secondly it's all natural - no adding sugar, sweeteners or flavourings. Thirdly nutritionally it's a much better choice than other drinks - just 4 calories per 100ml and 0.8g sugar so 2g sugar per bottle.

Opening it up, it has a slightly sweet smell. Consistency wise, it's just like water unlike the slightly thicker mouthfeel of birch water. It is definitely an acquired taste -but one I think I liked or at least I will train my palate to like after drinking it a few more time.

It's a strange taste of crisp, clear water with a tangy, sweet hit as well that has mapley and caramelly taste. I actually found the sweetness a tad sickly as I guess I find it odd for a clean water to have a mapley sweetness rather than fruit. But as said this is a very low sugar product and all natural.

I couldn't drink the bottle in one go and it doesn't feel refreshing like coconut water. However, I initially found coconut water and it took a few bottles for me to get into it so I think I would buy this again.

Price: £2.49
Bought at: Ocado 
Nutrition per 100ml: 4 calories, less than 0.1g fat, less than 0.03g sat fat
Score: 6.75/10 - but likely to go up with future drinking


  1. Boots are doing cactus water now, apparently it's similar to coconut water but lower in sugars.

    1. I think the cactus water might be from the same brand? Will certainly try it as I love coconut water