Monday, 2 May 2016

Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer Peach Cobbler Yogurt Review

There's some really great products in the new M&S Spirit of Summer range with fresh, innovative flavour ideas and crazy combinations. In the yogurt aisle alone there's a whole new raft of luxury yogurts from cherry pie to mississipi mud pie. I, however, went for this peach cobbler yogurt.

I am an absolute sucker for products that use weird flavours from other types of food - and then always get stung when they don't actually deliver on the taste they promise. As a rule of thumb a cereal bar that says it's cherry bakewell or a green tea that says it's gingerbread will never deliver on the premise and you'd be better off just having an actual cherry bakewell or a bit of gingerbread if that is the taste you really want.

This yogurt promised 'a peach flavour yogurt with peach pieces and a sweet crumb' so there was a chance this might work. Although how sponge in a yogurt would fare I didn't know.

Opening up the pot, it looks creamy and indulgent and you could tell it was thick and made from wholemilk. The colout looked appetising and it certainly smelt peachy and very fresh and fruity with visible chunks of peach. The little dots I assumed were the sponge pieces.

So how did it taste? Utterly delicious but once again it the marketing spiel failed to deliver. The sponge pieces did add a little something but were so fine their impact was minimal. However, there was a nice cakey, vanilla undertone to the whole thing which was keeping in line with the cobble theme.

What I can say though is that it is probably the best peach yogurt I've ever had. The texture was so thick and rich and bursting with a peach flavour. It wasn't overly sweet and there were loads of juicy peach chunks so you got additional burst of flavour in every delicious mouthful.

I'd happily buy this again as a peach yogurt. It's a bit unfair to expect a full on peach cobbler as ultimately it's a yogurt not a dessert. However, I'm sure I'll fall along for another gimmick in the future whether that's a crisp promising to be an authentic curry or an ice cream that thinks it's a cocktail.

Price: £0.85
Bought at: M+S
Nutrition per pot: 165 calories, 9.6g fat, 6.3g sat fat,14g sugars


  1. Have you had the mud pie yogurt? I'm dying to try it but I don't know if its worth it hehe!

    1. No I haven't. It sounds interesting but chocolate and yogurt? You'll have to try it first. I think my next yogurt from there would have the coconut one!