Thursday, 5 May 2016

9 Bar Super Seeded Hazelnut Cocoa Kick Review

Always on the look out for a new healthy snack bars from smaller companies, I decided to give this 9 Bar  a go. It’s part of a supersedes range (and you can see why with half the ingredients beings seeds) with a hazelnut and cocoa twist for a bit of healthier indulgent.

It also happens to be gluten free although this wasn’t the main reason I bought it. Sugar content is reasonable at just under 11g per bar and around 27 per 100g but it’s also a decent hit of protein (6g a bar) and fibre and obviously you get a great nutrient hit from all the sunflower, hemp, pumpkin and sesame seeds.

Opening it up, it actually smelt pretty chocolatey, although it doesn’t contain chocolate but rather just cocoa powder and then bounded with golden syrup and some sugar to sweeten.  I liked it looked a fairly substantial bar with a good thick texture and bigger eat – I love Nakd bars but often find they’re gone in seconds because they’re quite small and have such a squidgy texture.

You can certainly see the large quantity of seeds and there’s a really nice ‘chocolate’ style topping too. Whilst sugar content was perhaps a little high for me, this was an extremely tasty bar. It’s softer than you would imagine considering all the seeds with an almost fudgey texture. It’s also really rather chocolatey and indulgent with a delicious melting quality. It actually felt pretty decadent but at the same time it was significantly lighter than normal chocolate. All the seeds to balance out the rich chocolatiness also makes it a lot more interesting to eat and less one dimensional.

I would actually consider this as tasty as something like a Snickers but with an added boost of benefits as well. The hazelnuts although 9% aren’t really discernable but this really does taste gooey and a bit naughty. It’s not the healthiest bar on the market and at over 200 calories is more filling than others but there’s plenty of benefits too and it is really delicious.

Bought at : Health Food Shop
Nutrition per bar: 229 calories, 16.1g fat, 4.4g sat fat, 10.9 sugars, 5.8g protein
Score: 8/10

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