Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Marks and Spencer Rice, Aduki Bean, Mango and Coconut Salad Review (Spirit of Summer)

There is no question for me that M&S are the best place for packaged salads. They are just so much more tantalising, innovative and use tasty, fresh combos. Even the most salad dodging carnivore couldn't help but like their little £2.00 pots that are on a 2 for £3 mix and match. They make an ideal work lunch as they're self contained, healthy and uttetrly delicious. Though that's not to say they aren't also great spooned onto a plate as an accompaniment to all sorts of things.

Just the name and the beautifu vibrant colours of this rice, aduki bean, mango and coconut salad was enough to tempt me. So many contrasting colours and textures with nutty rice, wholesome beans, the sweetness of mango and the exoticness of on trend mango.

Frankly there isn't much more to say than this was perfect for me. I cam't fault it (except maybe a little more in there to make it a bit more filling and to justify the price tag). Everything just worked. The rice was sticky and creamy and soft through being infused with coconut cream, the beans had a melt in the mouth texture. The mango was soft and juicy and the little slivers of coconut added another hit of the summer in every moutthful. The little pot of zesty orange dressing complemented each element, tying it all together for a fresh, light and healthy feeling lunch.

I keep going back to this now that I've tried it. There's loads of other really interesting salad pots in the Spirit of Summer range but this is just so good, it's hard to not pick it every time!

Price: £2
Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Nutrition: 127 calories per half a pack

Score: 10/10!

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