Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Nuva Spring Water with a kiss of ginger and lemon Review

Today is a review for bottle water. Not the most exciting stuff ever but thi spring water with ‘kiss of ginger and lemon’ and nuva caught my eye whilst out and about and it’s pretty good stuff actually. I don’t really drink fizzy drinks, I don’t drink cordials and tend to stick to water as it’s sugar free. But sometimes I want that flavour hit and for something a bit more refreshing, lively and interesting.

This is literally just still spring water with some natural flavourings and ginger extract – so sugar free, sweetener free and no calories. It’s a pretty subtle drink and is definitely first and foremost water. Others who tried it described it as being like filling a glass you’ve already had a drink in back up with water but I really liked it.

It’s not a big burst of flavour but both ginger and lemon are present as a subtle backtaste. The marketing blurb about it being a ‘kiss of’ is pretty accurate. It just adds a bit more interest to water but without any guilt as it is essentially just spring water. They also had a cucumber and mint and a watermelon and jasmine version in my Boots and I will definitely give them a try. Perfectly cooling and thirst quenching as we enter the warmer months.

Price: £1.29
Bought at: Boots
Score: 8/10

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