Saturday, 9 April 2016

Savse Smoothies Super Green Broccoli, Pear, Spinach & Kale

I'm a big user of my Nutribullet and love whipping smoothies but it’s also great having healthy options when out and about and this Savse Supergreen Smoothie came to my rescue when I needed a hit of vitamins one lunch time.
The ingredients list is super clean – apple, pear, broccoli, banana, spinach, kiwi, lemon and kale and nothing else whatsoever! Savse smoothies are also raw and cold-pressed to lock in all the nutrients and goodness in this powerhouse of fruit and veg as opposed to normal juices, which are pasteurized.

I personally feel the vivid green is attractive and I was excited to try it. Considering over a quarter of the bottle is broccoli, kale and spinach, there is no bitterness whatsoever. It’s certainly not as sweet as say orange juice but I prefer things to not be too sweet and this level is perfect. The lemon juice adds a nice touch of acidity and the whole thing feels refreshing and just plain nutritious.
No one flavour comes out particularly stronger but that is testament to the mix being perfect here. I suppose it does taste ‘green’ but it’s very palatable and easy to drink. And when something tastes this good and provides you with 2 of your 5 a day, it’s a great example of more healthy options for consumers.

Bought at : Boots
Nutriition per 100ml – 38 calories,  Nil fat, Nil Sat fat, 7.1g sugars, <0.01g salt

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