Saturday, 16 April 2016

Up & Go Mixed Berries Breakfast Drink Review

I love breakfast. And that is an understatement - if there is one meal I'm obsessive about it's the first meal of the day and I am absolute cereal, muesli, porridge addict. I always make time for breakfast and love topping my cereals with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds to customise it and create something new each day.

So initially I thought this Up and Go - which markets itself as a breakfast replacement - wouldn't be for me. I wouldn't ever skip breakfast and don't eat cereal bars as a replacement yet alone have a drink instead. I just can't imagine a drink will ever be as satisfying or filling or nutritious as a simple bowl of porridge with some fruit on top. However, I can see why they might be useful for those on long commutes and always late but I would always prefer real food.

Up and Go claims it is just as good as a normal breakfast with all the fibre, protein and calcium of a bowl of bran flakes with semi skimmed milk and is fortified with vitamins. Apparently it is also Australia's no 1 breakfast - do Australians really not make time for a decent breakfast in the morning?

As I said I would never replace breakfast with a drink so my Mixed berry Up & Go never replaced my beloved bowl of cereal. However with its protein claims I thought it would be a good post gym drink - quick and easy to digest with the fibre to fill me up and counter that hungry pang I get post gym and some protein to refuel my body with.

Sticking the straw in and taking a slurp, I was really impressed by the texture, it tasted thick and oaty and felt satisfying and refreshing - a kind of a cross between a drink and food. The 250ml carton is just the right size and it's perfect for carrying around and taking to the gym (or sticking in your bag for breakfast if you take it for it's original purpose).

The mixed berry flavour was pretty tasty, maybe a little overly sweet and perhaps a little artificial but not overly so and I did quite enjoy the overall experience. With around 9g of protein it felt right after a work out and it's also nice to get a hit of calcium, vitamins and minerals too.

Would I have one again - I'm not sure - taste wise it was nice but the sugar content (around 18g per carton) felt a bit unnecessary. I know milk will have natural sugars in but I would rather have it without added sugars and the fructose as well. There's also a little too many stabilisers and e numbers for my liking.

I think on reflection I would probably try other flavours in the range but wouldn't want to consume them too regularly as they're not really very healthy. Fine, after a gym session when you've at least burnt off some calories but definitely not a breakfast replacement as it's quite a hit of sugar that wouldn't keep you going all morning.

Price: £1.39
Bought at: Waitrose
Nutrition per 100ml - 69 calories, 1g fat, 0.1g sat fat, 7.4g sugars, Protein 3.8g

Score: 6.5/10

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