Sunday, 24 April 2016

Markss and Spencer Spirit of Summer Spicy Malagueta Chill Dip

Anyone who's even had a quick glance around M+S lately cannot failed to have recognised the huge wave of new products with the Spirit of Summer brand on. It's still pretty chilly where I am but even just seeing this range gets me in the mood for barbeques and drinks outside.

Spirit of Summer products have really exciting, innovative and exotic flavour combinations and frankly I want to try literally every single thing in the store. I started off though this this spicy malagueta chilli dip. M+S dips are one my go to purchase whenever I'm in store. I rarely even bother buying them from any supermarket now as the M+S ones are always so tasty with unusual variants and they are less processed with nice recogniseable ingredients.

The malagueta chilli apparently is a popular type of chilli in Brazil so looks like M+S are getting on board all things Brazilian for the World cup this year. When you look at the ingredients list chilli is quite far down the list but actually you do really get a hit of it in the dip so it must be pretty spicy.

Other than that there's red pepper, smoked paprikia and a heck of a lot of rapeseed oil in here. This is certainly no skinny option and over 500 calories  and over 60g fat per 100g. Ultimately,  I guess it's a Brazilian take on mayonnaise with egg also included. However, at least all the iingredients are natural rather than putting artificial stabilisers and gums in to make it 'skinny'.

It's also frankly delicious. The bright orange colour is as warm and inviting to eat as is it to look at. Paprikia and chill come through adding smokiness and a hint of spice respecively without being overpoweringly so and the red pepper brings sweetness. Consistency is similar to something like sour cream dips, not runny but not as thick as homous.

This was absolutely delicious alongside some chicken but also as a just a dip for crackers and even make boring vegetable crudites and carrot batons exciting. It's still a little cold for a barbeque but at the first chance, I will definitely buy this dip again as it would be perfect for nibbles outside.

Price: £1.50
Bought at: M+S

Score 8/10

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